Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finally less overwhelmed!!

Okay so I was post like mad all these great ideas before school started.  I was very excited about the new school year.  What I wasn't telling you was that I had also applied for several jobs from my original home in Maine, that is 1,000 miles from Maine.  School started in North Carolina on the 17th for teachers workshop days.  I found out on the 16th that I got a position in Maine.  So, anyways... I packed up all of my things on the 17th, we pack our apartment that weekend and left on Monday to get there on Wednesday... Thursday the 23rd I had teacher meeting for South Portland, Maine all day.  So, needless to say it has been one heck of an adventure.  And to make it even more crazier I signed up for a certificate program (literacy). 

So, after the first few weeks of tears everyday, I am finally settling in.  I am glad to be so much closer to my families, although it is SO cold here! 

I am still teaching fifth grade, just in Maine.  There are somethings the same... but so much is different.  My classroom is smaller and I only have 15 student which is exciting!  Here are my before and after pictures of my classroom.
 boxes and all....
 beautiful windows and a great smart board!
 And here are the after pictures... don't mind the chairs up.
 Daily 5 boards and math board... everything has to be smaller because I have no wall space.

 Here are those R.E.A.D. pillows that I made for my other classroom.  The kids like to arrange the stuffed animals around them.
 And here is the part that is a mess... this is my "desk area."
Talk to you soon!  I hope all of your lives are a little less crazy than mine!

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