Friday, July 29, 2011

Dice, Dice, Dice

I am blogging today as a part of Little Miss Kindergarten "It's getting dicey" linky party.

First of all... have you seen these dice.  There is a dice inside of a dice.  It helps cut down on students loosing dice.  I think they are great!!! You can buy them at You can also get tiny little Tupperware containers from the dollar store and put your dice in them.  Then students can shake the container. This also helps with noise as well as keeping the dice in one spot for easy play, and clean up.

Another great thing I found was printable dice.  This would be good if you don't have any dice, or can't afford them, but more importantly it gives you the ability to type or write what you want on the dice.  This site also has pre-made dice.  Check out these Printable Dice!

How do I use dice in my classroom?  On my TpT account you can find the dice game that I use in my classroom.

The other great resource I found was Marilyn Burns.  This was posted on  Check it out!

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