Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teaching Fractions

I'm getting ready to start a new unit tomorrow: Fractions. 

My kiddos get excited about having their very own manipulatives so I've made them fun fraction bars. 

It's really easy!

1. Find great paper from Hobby Lobby, or AC Moore or any local craft store:

2. Photo copy a fraction bar template on the back or the fun papers, and laminate.
3. Cut the fraction bars out.

4. Finally, put them in a baggie and give them to your students.

I let my students trade them.  The only rule I gave them is that they have to trade the same denominators.  Example: I'll give you 2/12 for 2/12.  This way they will always have a complete set.
Here is a set of fraction bars that you can copy and paste into a word document.  Once you have it in a word document you can re-size the picture to the size you would like it. 

Good Luck I hope your kids like them as much as mine do!!
P.S. I am adding one more resource!
I also cut out Fraction Pies for each of my students.  Then I hole punched each fraction circle and put them together with a piece of yarn.  I like the ones at this link (click on Fraction Pies) because it also showed the students the written form of each fraction, the percent, and the decimal.  Stay posted for some more ideas with fractions!


  1. Thanks. This is awesome. I love the idea of the kids trading. We do fractions next week and we will be starting with this!

  2. Thanks for the nice idea. We will do this game this week. :)