Monday, January 9, 2012

Multiplication Disks

I had to share these cool multiplication disks. 
My students needed to practice their multiplication facts so I told them I would make them flash cards.  However, to make flash cards for multiplication and division facts 1 through 12 for 17 children... well, that's a lot of paper.  So I found these disks and they took far less time, and are so much cooler.  My kiddo's loved them! You can even get your students in on the fun!

So here is how to make them:
1. Cut out a circle.
2. Put 12 holes around the edge - I used a cool star punch.
3. Put x ___ (the factor i.e. 1,2,3,4 etc...) in the middle.
4. Next to each hole write the numbers 1- 12 (I wrote mine random - because I wanted my students to practice them - you could also write them in order)

1. Write  ÷ __ (same factor as above)
2. Put your finger over the hole and figure out the problem from the other side. For example: If your factor in the middle is 6 and the hole you put your finger over is 7 (from the multiplication side) do 6 x 7.  This equals 42 so write 42 on the hole.  Do this for each number.  If you provided the circles your students could do this and check it on a multiplication chart.  The act of creating these could be it's own practice. 
Here is an example of step two from above: 6 x 10  

is equal to 60.  When I flip the disk over and look at the number where my finger was it shows 60

This is such a cool tool to use in the classroom.
Hope you find it helpful in your classroom!


  1. I am so excited that I found your blog. I am a first year 5th grade resource/inclusion teacher and I love your ideas! Thanks!

  2. That is a great idea! I love the way they student can self-correct.

  3. Awesome beyond awesome. This will help my son so much! I bet I could do this with addition.

  4. Jennioutloud - the place where I saw it also had addition and subtraction ones too! This was so much easier than making flash cards.
    Amhra - I will try... but as you can see by my posts... I'm not very good at updating... life is pretty busy with teaching and grad school right now.

  5. I think I will have to do this at home with my 3rd grader!!

  6. I love this idea. What type of paper did you use?

  7. I'm curious to know how do you get a blog started? Thanks for this idea!!

  8. FANTASTIC IDEA!!! After cutting 60 file folders and sitting down to Cricut-cut 240 circles to make a classroom set of these awesome flash cards, I realized that paper plates would work amazingly well for these! It may be a little costly to buy 300 paper plates, but not nearly as much as index cards would cost. THANKS for the idea!

  9. Fantastic idea!!! :)