Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hands-On Math Linking Party

I loved this linking party.  I am so excited about teaching math this year, especially since it's part of my graduate degree work! 

The linking party question over at Jasztalville: Where Inquiry and Creativity Rules is How do you make math hands on?

I love to provide games to reinforce skills.  Check out an earlier post Games, Games, Games.  I also was intrigued by 4th Grade Frolics vocabulators.  I have put a little spin on these to work with my math units.  I will post this as soon as I've got them finished.

Lastly, to make math "hands-on" we do a lot of moving.  I play Simon-Says with geometry concepts, work in stations, and sing songs.  You can find many great videos to go with math songs on YouTube!  We have a lot of fun! 

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  1. Vocabulators for math?! That seems awesome. I have them only for writing. Thank you for participating in my linking party.