Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Day of Summer and My Birthday

Today is the last day of summer and my birthday. I can't believe that we go back to our first work day tomorrow. My classroom is pretty much ready because I've been in this summer.

I didn't go in today... I enjoyed the day with my husband! But I have started a few projects:

1. Found these on Pinterest as well as other blogs: Clipboards. I have chosen to decoupage the back of my clipboards in hopes that I can identify which ones are mine and hopefully have more at the end of the year! Yes I am doing all 25 clipboard this way... but I'm only doing the back. I've cut out all the papers I need and am ready to Modge Podge. I have done a couple already. If you're interested in trying this project, I suggest heavy paper and patience. If you do use lighter weight paper put the first coat of modge podge on the clip board, glue the paper down and let it sit. Then put your second coat on the paper and clipboard -- this will help it not bulge and wrinkle. Here is my project in the works.

2. This is my target find.... and an idea I've seen on many blogs  I found these cute little boxes at Target in the dollar section. Then I created pictures in paint. I love this idea because my kiddos always take forever to get a pencil if they are missing one. I always had a pencil box but not a sharpen and un-sharpened, hopefully this will help students get a pencil quickly. I also made it one of my student jobs to sharpen pencils each day. I love it!

Well wish me luck tomorrow! It's the first work day... I'm excited about everything... except waking up early!

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