Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pictures of my classroom and Scholastic Book Order

So... finally I have the pictures of my classroom all ready. The first day of school started on Thursday.  Thank goodness it was only Thursday and Friday because by Friday night I was exhausted.  I have the sweetest group of kids this year and I am so excited.  I am sad because on Monday we will start switching classes and I won't see them as much, but I'm also excited because I will get to see my math classes. 

Here is my room:

This is my I Wonder Board.  On the first day students put things that they are curious about on a post it and stuck it to the board.  Each Wednesday we are going to discover a new "Wonder."  They were very creative in their ideas.  I can't wait to learn and discover with them. 
 Here is my library... a work in progress.  I am still organizing and changing it as we speak.  By December I hope to have it label and sorted by genre.  I also want to put labels in every book that allow students to see different levels.

 Here is my science board.  This is where I put posters and other information relevant to our science curriculum.  I found this great shiny paper at the dollar store.  I thought it went really well with the peacock boarder.

Then, last but not least... the V.I.P. board (Very Important Person).  Students put their photo's and collectibles on this counter as they share them throughout the week.  Leroy, the lobster, goes home with the V.I.P. student each week.

Leroy travels with a book that students have to write in to tell about their adventures.  Students love writing in the book, and many include pictures from their time with Leroy during the week.
That's my classroom.

As far as Scholastic Book Orders are concerned I wanted to let everyone know that you can set this up for parent ordering online.  You all probably already knew this, but it if you didn't it is super easy and so much less hassle.  Go and sign up on scholastic website, it is self explanatory.  I have already had two parents order online and it's so nice.  I only have to pass the books out when they come. I don't have to deal with any money or slips.  Check it out, it's well worth signing up.

Hope you all have a great week. 


  1. Love your classroom (and blog)! The I Wonder board is a great idea! I might have to steal it.

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  2. I love the I Wonder board! What a great use of sticky notes! Do you change the title of the board to go with other reading strategies? For example: about character development or themes?