Saturday, November 22, 2014

Now Serving: Deli Number System

I am currently team teaching in a large classroom with doors that slide open.  My teammate and I have decided to leave our doors open all the time and teach teach the entire year!  I love it and are kids are amazing!  However there are some things about student management that needed some help.  Although there are two of us we still wanted to give every student a voice.  Another teacher in our building was using a number system with the dry erase board.  However that required going up to the board every time you needed to switch the number. I decided to have some fun with PVC pipes and create the system below:

I got the PVC pipe, along with pipe cutters at Lowes Home Improvement Store.  The guys at the store were pretty helpful to get the stuff we needed.  I had actually purchased the cutters for a project I had done previous.  The piping and joints were about 7 dollars for the whole project. I also purchased spray paint.
In order to create this project you will need the following PVC:
1/4 inch PVC pipe (make sure you have room to fit it in your car)
2 corner joints
4 T joints
and 4 end caps.
The basket, and the zip ties that attach the basket came from the dollar store. Then the O Rings were purchased at Walmart.
First Grade and Fabulous gives a tutorial for a larger version.

I have created the numbers for system, check them out on TpT.
Our students loved the system.  They take a number from the basket and when they see that the sign says their number they come up and put their ticket back and get the help they need.  Students have reported they like it because it give everyone a chance to get help from the teacher.  I am also seeing students that wouldn't normally raise their hands or come up to me to ask for help take a number.

Hope this help with management in your classroom!

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